Dr. Abhishek Tapuriah

Dr. Abhishek TapuriahMBBS, MS


Dedication for excellence and Compassion: Dr. Abhishek Tapuriah was selected by Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar- one of the foremost minds in Gynaecology to be trained under her wings immediately after finishing graduation. Having worked with this great mind and gained experience he wanted to serve the poor with the knowledge and got the oppurtunity to become a consultant in a goverment funded 40 bedded hospital near Mehsana. Impressed with the hard work and dedication for the patient care he was promoted to the post of Medical Supritendant. However his heart was always in Bharuch the city where he was born and brought up in so he decided to return back to the city to serve the people here.

During his stay in Mehsana he underwent training in laparoscopy surgery and ultrasonography at various centers under the best minds of the country. On returning to the city with the new gained experience he decided to built a one stop gynaecology and obstetrics hospital under the guidance of Dr.Sharda Tapuriah that would serve the rich and poor alike.

He in a short span of time as a consultant gynaecologist has recieved numerous compliments from seniors and juniors both for surgical finesse and know how. He has performed various complicated open and laparoscopic surgeries. He by the grace of God has also successfully treated difficult cases of infertility and managed high risk pregnancy with minimal morbidity.

On personal front he is loved by his family and friends and is known to be of a very caring person. He is very compassionate for his patients and tries to understand their sufferings so is liked a lot by his patients.

"There is no great pleasure than seeing a smile on a satisfied patient's face. We strive for this satisfaction on all levels and not just treatment. We aim that the patient and their relatives should be happy with not only the treatment but also the services and cleanliness of the hospital. All our patients should think of us as a family as much as we think of them as ours."