Dr. Sharda Tapuriah

Dr. Sharda TapuriahMBBS, MS


Affordable Quality Health Care: Dr. Sharda Tapuriah started her career 35 years back in the still rural city of Bharuch. As the city grew so did the need of patients and she kept herself updated and utilized her experience with recent advances in technology to treat her patients. She is among the most senior gynaecologist in the city and is immensely respected by her colleagues and patients both.

In her practice she has managed thousands of delivery and performed high number surgeries. She has exemplary understanding of female physiology and so is known to resolve the most difficult cases of infertility with minimal treatment and expenditure. She knows delievering patients who were born at her clinic and is a doctor to three generations of satisfied patients. This is ample proof of her continued excellence in patient care.

Over the years she has worked for various charitable causes and continues to do so. As a lady she understands the difficulties of her patients and treats them not only medically but also advises them on a personal level. She is very involved in patient care.

It is her dream of putting the city on map of high quality medical care aimed at women that gave birth to the concept of CARE and CURE Hospital. She wants to give back to community that gave her so much love by dedicating this hospital to the service of people of this city.

"As I look to pass the baton to my next generation I pray that they recieve the same level of acceptance and love like me and more. I wish that this hospital should be an example of One hospital for all classes."